Benefits Of Commuting To Work On Your Escooter

The work commute can be a less than enjoyable experience. 

Most adults spend a significant portion of their week commuting to work. 

Being stuck in traffic has become a big source of stress for workers. 

Commuting by e-scooter is a great way to enjoy the commute. 

Checkout these 3 key reasons you should switch to an e-scooter for your commute.

Reason 1: Time/Money

Once you’ve made the initial investment in an e-scooter, the trips are free!

E-scooters are easily and quickly recharged at any electric outlet. No more getting gas, or having to drive around searching for a parking spot.

You’ll save money on maintenance and upkeep.

Plus, save time no longer sitting in traffic or searching for a parking spot! 

Reason 2: Sustainable

An e-scooter is a green way to commute to work.

Cut down on your carbon footprint by using a rechargeable electric scooter to make your commute more ecofriendly.

Leave the car at home for errands or when going out for lunch.

Feel great about yourself and how you’re supporting your community! 

Reason 3: Well-being

Scooting is a great way to get outside, enjoy nature, and get more fresh air.

There’s nothing more unhealthy than sitting in the fumes of traffic when stuck in rush-hour traffic.

When you’re using an e-scooter to get to work you’ll find that you arrive at work feeling recharged and refreshed.

No more feeling stressed and overwhelmed being stuck in traffic. Instead, you get time to breath fresh air, appreciate the trees and natural surroundings, and get some sunshine!

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